New Courses

  • CIE Further Maths Paper 1 new
  • CIE Further Maths Paper 2 Mechanics new
  • CIE Further Maths Paper 2 Statistics new
  • International Baccalaurate Maths (HL) new
  • International Baccalaureate Maths (SL) new
  • Topical Workbook for IGCSE Yr10 & Yr11 new
  • Revision sets for AS P1 & AS S1 new

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Coming Soon…

  • CIE A Level Physics in progress
  • IBHL past year exam full solutions by topic
  • Business calculus
  • Engineering Maths
  • The Star Education Fair @ KLCC Convention Centre (17/18 Jan 2015)


Your Instructor

Mr Ravee Menon , is the Managing Director and founder of his education centre in Subang Jaya, Malaysia for fourteen years. He has been involved in lecturing mathematical and statistical courses for more than twenty years at the undergraduate and masters level.