Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics (IGCSE Checkpoint)

Cambridge Secondary 1 combines a world-class curriculum with high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. The curriculum is dedicated to helping schools develop learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Cambridge Secondary 1 develops skills and understanding in English (including English as a Second Language), Mathematics and Science for learners typically aged 11–14.

The chapters in this course have been arranged to match the Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics Curriculum Framework as follows:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measure
  • Handling data
  • Calculation and mental strategies
  • Problem solving

1. Place value, ordering and rounding (19:35 mins) View Here
2. Integers, powers and roots (33:49 mins) View Here
3. Expressions, equations and formulae (26:45 mins) View Here
4. Shapes, congruency and geometric reasoning (15:56 mins) View Here
5. Measures and motion (27:48 mins) View Here
6. Planning, collecting and displaying data (24:32 mins) View Here
7. Equations, functions and inequalities (46:30 mins) View Here
8. Measurement and construction (11:45 mins) View Here
9. Pythagoras’ theorem (13:20 mins) View Here
10. Transformations (54:12 mins) View Here
11. Averages and spread (29:03 mins) View Here
12. Processing and presenting data (13:08 mins) View Here
13. Fractions and percentages (21:15 mins) View Here
14. Sequences, functions and graphs (20:31 mins) View Here
15. Angle properties (14:50 mins) View Here
16. Area, perimeter and volume (36:14 mins) View Here
17. Ratio and proportion (18:12 mins) View Here
18. Formulae, functions and graphs (28:28 mins) View Here
19. Bearings and drawings (23:26 mins) View Here
20. Circles, cylinders and prisms (35:22 mins) View Here
21. Probability (24:00 mins) View Here
22. Written and mental arithmetic methods (14:12 mins) View Here
Special Bonus
IGCSE Checkpoint Maths Paper 1 Oct/Nov 2015 fully worked exam solutions [Video] (40:26 mins) View Here
IGCSE Checkpoint Maths Paper 2 Oct/Nov 2015 fully worked exam solutions [Video] (46:07 mins) View Here

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Curriculum outline