International Baccalaureate Mathematics Standard Level (IB SL)

This course caters for students who already possess knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and who are equipped with the skills needed to apply simple mathematical techniques correctly. The majority of these students will expect to need a sound mathematical background as they prepare for future studies in subjects such as chemistry, economics, psychology and business administration.

The course focuses on introducing important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical techniques. The intention is to introduce students to these concepts in a comprehensible and coherent way, rather than insisting on the mathematical rigour required for mathematics HL. Students should, wherever possible, apply the mathematical knowledge they have acquired to solve realistic problems set in an appropriate context.

The internally assessed component, the exploration, offers students the opportunity for developing independence in their mathematical learning. Students are encouraged to take a considered approach to various mathematical activities and to explore different mathematical ideas. The exploration also allows students to work without the time constraints of a written examination and to develop the skills they need for communicating mathematical ideas.

This course does not have the depth found in the mathematics HL courses. Students wishing to study subjects with a high degree of mathematical content should therefore opt for a mathematics HL course rather than a mathematics SL course.

Topics :

1. Functions   (124:28 mins) View Here USD$ 49
2. Quadratic Functions & Equations   (87:32 mins) View Here USD$ 39
3. Probability   (178:35 mins) View Here USD$ 59
4. Exponential & Log functions   (129:19 mins) View Here USD$ 49
5. Rational Functions   (17:22 mins) View Here USD$ 29
6. Patterns, sequences & series   (170:08 mins) View Here USD$ 59
7. Limits & derivatives   (115:21 mins)   free preview View Here USD$ 49
8. Descriptive Statistics   (237:32 mins) View Here USD$ 89
9. Integration   (165:48 mins) View Here USD$ 59
10. Bivariate Analysis   (85:31 mins) View Here USD$ 39
11. Trigonometry   (114:24 mins)   free preview View Here USD$ 49
12. Vectors   (156:31 mins) View Here USD$ 59
13. Circular Functions   (155:03 mins) View Here USD$ 59
14. Calculus with trigonometric functions   (61:19 mins) View Here USD$ 39
15. Probability distributions   (287:52 mins) View Here USD$ 99
16. Applications of differentiation – Motion in a straight line   (95:51 mins) View Here USD$ 49

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